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Counselling / Psychotherapy and clinical supervision



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Good friends can often be a wonderful support, but sometimes they may not seem to understand what you are saying, or you may feel ‘silly’ talking about the kind of things that are worrying you.


Counselling is confidential and offers a safe place to be yourself, be accepted for who you are and to work on yourself with another.  No one will laugh at you, question what you are worried about, or tell you what to do.


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All sorts of things can evoke emotions or strong feelings and we may not be aware of what they are, only that for some reason we may suddenly feel anxious, depressed, frightened, angry, tearful.  Sights, sounds and smells can trigger memories involuntary.


If we are unaware of what is causing these changes in mood, it can be hard to put this into words, however much we may try.


Does no one listen? .. I will.


In counselling, often called talking therapy, the therapist listens to what is not said as well as what is.  Feeding this back to the client, helps to develop greater self-awareness and self-understanding. 

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With greater self-awareness, it is possible to recognise triggers which result in unease and tensions and to dispel them, enabling self-acceptance and more successful interactions with  others.

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Serving the South Devon area.   Home visits, telephone and Skype counselling also available.