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Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP)


It is usually assumed that domestic violence is perpetrated by the male, but this is not so.  Research studies show clearly that females are also perpetrators in domestic situations.   This is a Programme designed to work with both male and female perpetrators.  The problem is not gender specific.


Well over half of all domestic violence is reciprocal, yet

our culture looks for one aggressor and one victim.  The result is to separate the couple and keep them apart, ending the relationship.  It may be that with the correct help, the

relationship could have been saved and peace restored to the family.

Help and support is needed for the victim, the aggressor and any children involved.  However, so often the perpetrator is required to attend a DVPP course and the victim to attend a victim course, deepening the division and doing little or nothing to find out what led the perpetrator to become a perpetrator and the victim to become a victim in the first place.  Only with the corrrect help is it possible to avoid the same behaviour patterns from happening in subsequent  relationships.  


Of course, there are cases where it would not be appropriate for the couple to come into contact and separation is the only resolution to an aggressive relationship, but this is not so in every case.


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Serving the South Devon area.   Home visits, telephone and Skype counselling also available.