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Separated Families


For whatever reason, sometimes families split up. Mummy and daddy are no longer going to live together. The separation may be amicable or not, but whichever it is, the children will find themselves in the middle. If the separation is friendly, then decisions over who attends things like school sports days, parents evenings, birthdays and so on will be less of a problem, but if the separation is not, then even being in the same field together can be problematic for all concerned.


Splitting up is hard, no less so for the children, and counselling can sometimes help mummies and daddies find a way of working together to help minimise the upset for the children.  Often children blame themselves for mummy and daddy splitting up.

Family Counselling  (Systemic)


With the best will in the world, living in close proximity with others can sometimes be hard.  The ever changing needs of growing children and the every day demands of work and maintaining a home, may result in frictions.  It can be very helpful to look at not just one person in the family who is experiencing stress, but the family as a whole because we all live in relation to others and how one person behaves affects the others in that family system.  By working with the family everyone has a safe place to express what is not working for them and to explore how things would need to change to restore harmony.

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